how to book?

Booking method: 
  • Reservation Desk - Harbour of La Caletta
  • by contacting the number +39 0784 810233 
  • by contacting the Whatsapp number +39 346 0195071 
  • e-mail to info@goldhook.it 

A deposit of 50% will be required to confirm your booking


All our Tours start from the Harbour of La Caletta (Siniscola).  

At the time of booking you will receive the location of our Reservation Desk, we will wait for you there before departure!

what does the tour include?

Fishing Trips include:
IGFA Captain/Fishing Guide, Fishing equipment, fuel, bait and snack on board.

Sea Excursions include:
Experienced Skipper, fuel, snorkeling masks and landing fee (where applicable)

what should I bring?

Fishing Trips: comfortable clothing, hat, comfortable shoes or flip flops, key-way, sun protection, sunglasses and hat are recommended. 

Sea Excursions: we recommend a swimsuit, comfortable clothing, beach towel, key-way, flip flops or rock shoes, sun protection, sunglasses, hat, packed lunch.

weather policy

All our Tours are confirmed based on Charters availability and marine weather forecasts. 

If the weather forecast is not favourable, the Excursion will be canceled or postponed based on the dates communicated by you at the time of booking.

Passengers policy

Anyone can book our Sea Experiences

For safety reasons we do not recommend Sea Experiences to children under the age of 3 and to pregnant women.

catch & release: how does it work?

Gold Hook Charter Practices sport and recreational Fishing respecting marine species and the environment. 

For this reason we practice Catch & Release (release of the catch) in cases where the size do not comply with those permitted by law, the fishing of the specimen is regulated (e.g. bluefin tuna) or upon decision of the Commander.

How is the catch managed?

The catch is always managed by the Captain/ Fishing Guide

Do you have any more questions for us? 

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