Gold Hook Charter Fishing & IGFA

Gold Hook Charter Fishing it's an IGFA member (International Game Fish Association) since 2011. 

The IGFA is a non-profit organization committed to the conservation of marine species and the promotion of ethical and responsible fishing practices, through science, education, the creation of standards, record keeping and the recognition of outstanding achievement of fishing. 

It is currently the most widely recognized authority in the world on Sport Fishing.

Gold Hook Charter Fishing & IGFA

Since 2011 Gold Hook Charter is:
  • IGFA Certified Captain
  • IGFA Club
  • IGFA Passport to Fishing
  • IGFA Weigh Station

IGFA Weigh Station

The new IGFA Weigh Station is present at Gold Hook Charter Fishing to offer a complete service to our Customers who are passionate about Sport Fishing.

IGFA Weigh Stations are located around the world and provide anglers with access to a certified scale and knowledgeable people to assist in weighing potential IGFA world records or other important catches.

Would you like to become an IGFA member? Contact us!